If you’ve been following this site since 2017 then you already know we’re big fans of Horizon Zero Dawn. Alloy’s journey to save humanity is in my opinion, one of the must-have PS4 console exclusives to own.

So when Horizon Hidden West was unveiled last week during the PlayStation 5 reveal, this Brah was hyped as hell for Aloy’s upcoming sequel which has been revealed to be ‘aiming for’ a 2021 release date! A new video uploaded to the PlayStation YouTube page goes in-depth about Horizon Forbidden West as it reveals the following information:

  • A slightly bigger than HZD‘s world map that extends from Utah to Pacific ocean.
  • ‘Dozens’ of new robo-creatures to discover.
  • Beaches along with underwater areas to explore.
  • New tribes, friendly and not-so-friendly.
  • Almost no load times.

Watch the newest video as Director Mathijs de Jonge excitedly talks about him and his teams upcoming title! See you in 2021, Aloy!