There have always been times that Star Wars fans have been wanting to do in games. From being on the battlefield to using a lightsaber to recapture their favorite moments from the movies. But there has always been more of a want and need when it came to Virtual Reality. Back in 2016 when the PlayStation VR launched, we got to experience what it was like to fly an X-Wing with a Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing mission. I can say for me, seeing that X-Wing and being able to fly through space in VR was truly amazing.

Then being able to experience Star Wars at The VOID with Star Wars: Secret of the Empire and being able to walk around and fire the blasters and feel the heat of the fire brought a new level of immersion.

But of course, we all want more in our homes and for some time now, Oculus Rift/S and Oculus Quest players and coming to PlayStation VR this summer, have been able to experience a new VR series called Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR series.

But it looks like we may be getting another dose of Star Wars in Virtual Reality with EA’s new game Star Wars: Squadrons. Again, there has not been any official word but looks to be some internal leaks that may lead to this as this is a maybe and a please bring to both PCVR and PSVR and hope this will more than just a mission. But it looks like the trailer is set to be released on June 15, 2020, with more information to come.