If you’ve had the chance to download the Marvel’s Iron Man VR demo off the PlayStation Store, then you already know what I’m about to say: THE DEMO IS FREAGIN’ MARVELOUS!

I can’t remember the last time a VR game gave me goosebumps because of the level of immersion I experienced. As I was falling through the sky, my armor came to me as I transformed into the Crimson Avenger. If the rest of the game can capture the magic the demo presented, Camouflaj, Marvel Games, and PlayStation Studios are about to have a hit on their hands.

Even though the demo was BRAHsome, some people had some issues with it. Developer Camouflaj asked for feedback and they have responded with two updates that will be present in the full game!

This will definitely help when dealing with Ghost’s drones as they prepare to wreck havoc on your Iron life.

As some of you may now know, Marvel’s Iron Man VR requires the use of a pair of PlayStation Move controllers to bring the experience of being Iron Man to life. the square button on your left hand snapped you quickly to the left and the triangle button on your right hand snapped you right. That is going to change with the full release!

With the game going gold last week, we’re only a few weeks away from Marvel’s Iron Man VR release on July 3rd, only on the PlayStation VR.