We all have that voice inside that tells us to do the right things and the wrong things. Most of the time for most people, the good will shine through, but sometimes, just sometimes we hear that voice that almost sounds like we should be doing good shows us a new direction of wrong. Welcome to the Hotel that will sure to give you rest and relaxation. It all started when you decided to sell your soul to The Devil as you smash and bash hotels and receive that infamous reputation of becoming a rockstar.

Features include:

  • Physics-based demolition.
  • Devilishly and weirdly satisfying weapons.
  • Challenges.
  • Sarcastic Maids.
  • Luxury hotels to use as your playground of destruction.
  • Extensive Single Player.
  • Local Pass and Play or Solo Leaderboards.
  • Supporting Characters.
  • Cast of Supporting Characters.
  • Music by actual failed musicians.

So what will be your favorite weapon you discover? How much destruction will you do? Will you become that rockstar? Find out with Hotel R’n’R out now for PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…