Ghost of Tsushima information has been hitting hot and heavy since last week’s State of Play which gave the PlayStation Nation 18 minutes and 40 seconds of glorious gameplay footage which blew us here at The PlayStation Brahs away!

One bit of information that has been revealed thanks to the website Voxel is how long it will take you to complete the game. The Game’s Director, Nate Fox, talked about the how the game’s length will vary for most people.

It is a difficult question to answer, because the world is a large space with several isolated side stories. We did several tests with people playing about 6 and a half hours a day and the results were very different. Many did not finish the main story because they were busy exploring other aspects of the game.

Nate was then asked the game would last between 40 to 50 hours when you include all the optional content and the main story.

Yes, absolutely. But I would highly recommend that everyone get off the main route and get lost on the island of Tsushima, since there is a lot to discover there.

In other GoT news, as PS4 game install sizes keep growing as this generations comes to an ‘end’, more and more games have released that are reaching the 3-digit HDD requirements. Thankfully GoT bucks that trend, as the official PlayStation Store reveals that a minimum of 50GB is needed to install the game on your PS4. Of course that size could grow depending on any Day One updates that might hit.

Will Jin get his revenge? Find out when Ghost of Tsushima hits the PS4 on July 17th.