After first appearing at E3 2016, Bend Studio’s Days Gone released one year ago on this day!

Deek’s journey to find his Wife is full of twist, turns, and enough Freaker hordes to shake a wooden baseball wrapped in barbed wire at.

Bend Studio celebrated today’s one year anniversary of their first ever open-world game with a ‘horde’ of stats!

  • Gamers have spent over 200 million hours attempting to survive the world of Days Gone.
  • Over 45 million Hordes have been exterminated.
  • 32 million nest burnt.
  • 30 million camps ambushed.
  • 30 million Nero camps cleared.
  • Over 8 billion credits spent on bike repairs.
  • 450 million collectables found.
  • 100 million trophies earned.
  • 655 million dumpster dives, you dirty bastards!

Plus many more stats illustrated in the image below. If you’ve yet to play Days Gone, it’s currently $19.99 on the PlayStation Store and most online retailers.