Want to join the never ending war between Angels and Demons? Well then Vanessa and Monty have got you covered. Team up with the pair either solo or co-op and play with this dynamic duo. The two wise cracking demons are tasked with a mission from their boss Ammon who is essentially a high ranking demon. The world is filled with all sorts of mutated grotesque things and you will fight against a lot of them, A LOT OF THEM. That’s cool though right? I mean this is a brawler. Hey, you are even rewarded after a big group fight with a combat rating. This will appear after each chapter as well so don’t worry you will have plenty of opportunities to make up for that previous poor performance. Say that three times real fast.

Obey Me from Blowfish Studios and developer Error 404 Game Studios is heavy on the combat and light on the story. While the fighting does stay in the forefront of the game, the funny and sometimes over-the-top banter between the two helps break up the onslaught of enemies. You might be tempted to admire the backdrop with all its eye popping colors but stay alert as every corner possesses another challenge. Vanessa and Monty are equipped with numerous ways of dispatching the horrible fiends though with combos on top of combos. A sweet little feature also is that you can morph Monty into Vanessa and become a super weapon of sorts. A VanMonty if you will. Not funny? Okay moving along. In order to do such morphing though you will need to collect spirit shards by either defeating enemies or blasting apart a pile of them filling up the meter in the process. You want to do this as even though there are Astral Shards around (health) you can gain health by morphing together with Monty. If you are real lucky you will find a Purified Astral Crystal! Collect all three and your overall health will go up.

Each character also has their own skill tree which grows even bigger when you obtain more weapons (Vanessa) or more types of canine (Monty). Angry Vanessa begins the game with a dagger in which she can throw at her enemies keeping a nice safe distance. You don’t get the sweet combos and it will probably hurt your rating but again, you can keep your distance. You will eventually get more weapons and each one can be upgraded by collecting soul cores. I focused on one weapon at the beginning and it helped a ton. I did however have most of the weapons fully upgraded by end game.

Monty the smart ass hell hound will gain new forms of himself by eating up bosses you defeat during the game. Yes you read the correctly. After defeating said boss Monty does what Monty wants and eats them in what can be described as grossly satisfying. Again, just like Vanessa, Monty’s new form can be upgraded with soul cores. You can switch between forms during fights giving Monty different abilities. It definitely comes in handy when you are playing solo as you have a few options of attacks with Monty or you can just let him do his own thing, I actually loved the weapons and upgrading in the game as it didn’t make you overpowered but it gave you something else to use besides the one attack. Mixing it up with combos and different forms of attack will certainly be something to play with to suit your play style.

This is where things become a little frustrating with Obey Me. The design is great to look at and the characters are absolutely a funny duo. However, even though the combat idea is well thought out with plenty of options it doesn’t translate when it doesn’t work all that well. Fighting a horde of bad guys can get frustrating as hell when you are doing a combo only for your character to attack thin air. Hitting the actual target is somewhat of a tricky proposition and seldom works the way you want. If I am trying to perform a combo in the direction of an enemy only to hit it once and then get stuck attacking air that leads to other enemies hitting me at will well..go on about as well as this sentence. I had a major problem with this throughout the game as I never got it just right. That leads me to the next issue I have with the game. The incredible lag when too much is going on in one frame. If too many bad guys appear get ready for bad framerate and lagging controls. This was so heartbreaking to encounter as I was thoroughly enjoying the game. I will say it seemed to impact more of the beginning and middle part of the game as the last chapter played way better. I found that odd as the only patch of the game was when it first downloaded so it couldn’t have been fixed already. With that said I really enjoyed the last portion of the game even if it dragged on a bit.

There are plenty of things to experience in this brawler from the comedic side to the combat heavy side. The duo is definitely worth remembering and the artwork was done with some fantastic coloring. Fighting through hordes from area to area is a blast with a cherry topping of frustration. Hopefully these issues can be fixed sooner rather than later.


Obey Me is a romping brawler with its good times and its bad times. The characters are funny as hell…see funny as hell because it is about…okay never mind. The game has a great comedic side with a dark overtone that leads you down a story full of twists. I admit you kind of see them coming but it is worth it in the end. The game will not wow you with graphics but it still looks amazing with all the cool colors. I just loved the character design, there I said it. The combat upgrading system is well thought out but the level design can get a little stale. The biggest issues is combat and performance. This brings the game down a lot. It doesn’t bring it to a screeching halt but there might be times where you wish it did. This ultimately led to one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had when scoring a game. On one hand I really enjoyed Obey Me but on the other I was disappointed. I would wait on this one and see if there are any patches coming to fix the issues. Once fixed I would absolutely recommend picking it up for only $19.99.

Rating 7/10

A review copy of the game was provided for the PS4.