The multiverse is in trouble and the riff inside of it is strong. The times are changing from 16-bit into 32-bit and the playing of video games is as great as ever. But when the hero, Dot, needs some help and not from just anyone, she needs a gamer, the best gamer of 1995 has ever seen.

Features include:

  • Venture through homages to the best games and genres of the 1990s.
  • Play video games post-bed time and try not to get caught by miffed parents through multiple environments.
  • Face challenges together through the world of 2D games and the very first 3D games.
  • Incredible journey for both VR and retro gamers.
  • Much more to come.

Do you have what it takes to help save the multiverse? Will it be the Power System or Turbo Drive? Are you ready to get ripped 1995 style? Find out when Pixel Ripped 1995 comes soon to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…