One of the best VR experiences you can get is playing Resident Evil 7‘s exclusive PSVR mode. Rather than simply half-assing VR support into the game Capcom did a wonderful job bringing the Baker family mansion to life as you tried desperately to stay alive.

Now it looks as if Capcom will also be bringing VR support to Resident Evil 8 when it launches as a cross-gen title in 2021 for the PS4/PS5! This latest rumors come courtesy of Gematsu who mentions their sources told them about the game having a VR mode.

Couple of questions though. Will it support both PSVR and the much rumored PSVR 2 that could release in 2021? Because we could see RE8 pushing the limits of the PS4 which could really hurt the PSVR mode performance. Could Capcom be making the mode PSVR 2 only as a major exclusive to showcase their new headset?

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