The time is now to put on that bug spray, sharpen your knife and venture out into the forest. No not that game. I am talking about Green Hell of course from developers Creepy Jar. Co-op mode is live and you can tackle some of the most terrifying nightmares together even though it probably won’t matter. You can get Green Hell on PC now for $24.99 and check out the roadmap for future content. Yes the game is coming to console. Check out the roadmap! Also this cool new trailer.

  • Play with your friends — Up to 4 players can tackle the rainforest together in the ultimate bid for survival!
  • New voiceovers — Our characters can’t all sound the same, can they?
  • New character models — What? You think we have identical quadruplets in here? Different clothing colors and beards will populate for each character in your party.
  • In-game chat — Yell at your friends for doing things wrong! It’s fun!
  • Redesigned menus — New menu options to make accessing and using co-op a breeze.
  • Enhanced leech removal — Be a pal, won’t you? Go ahead and remove the leeches from your buddy’s nether-regions (well, their arms and legs, at least)!
  • Integrated invitations via Steam — Inviting a friend is as easy as hunting and skinning a Black Cayman! Okay, it’s actually a lot easier.