Dusk Golem is BACK AGAIN to give us MORE juicy Resident Evil rumors!!

On the day of Resident Evil 3 Remake‘s release Mr. Golem has decided to ‘spill the blood’ over Resident Evil 2021, or as we will know it.. Resident Evil 8!!

The game apparently started development as Revelations 3. A different RE8 was in development however internal testing for REV3 make Capcom decide to push the original RE8 to the side to then focus on turning REV3 into RE8 by giving it an additional year of development.

Remember those werewolf rumors from earlier this year? They probably won’t be in the game due to that being ‘outdated’ information. The game is currently going/gone through major changes to transform it to a ‘mainline’ title. It will once again be first-person title, playing as Ethan, and is a cross-gen title on the PS4 and PS5.

Dusk is ‘incredibly excited’ about the game although he feels ‘purist’ will hate it. I’ve been a fan since the original game, seen many games go through MAJOR changes (RE1.5, RE4) and have always walked away satisfied by what Capcom has given us.

What do YOU think, Brah? Are you ready to return to another FPS Resident Evil or do you want another third-person RE game?! Stay tuned because once this is revealed we will be here to cover all of the official news!