I would imagine almost everyone reading this has played Guitar Hero or Rock Band at some point in their life. I would also imagine that almost every one of you also sucked a big one when you first tried expert. I’m going to come right out and say it, I’m and idiot. I’m like Sir Robin in Monty Python where I see someone do something, I exclaim “That’s easy”, and then I fail miserably. My experience with Guitar Hero was no different.

I vividly remember going to Ozzfest and seeing a Guitar Hero booth set up near one of the various stages. My friend and I just stood there watching numerous people playing the game, but I was too chicken to give it a shot in front of a bunch of people. The next time I saw it was at my buddy’s house. I had to give it a try there. I started on expert right away, and let’s just say it was hard to tell what song I was playing.

I was determined to be great at this game, because the music was awesome and I figured it would make all the girls want me more if I knew how to play a fake guitar. I bought it for my PS2, and I fell in love with the game. I wanted to get better as fast as I could, so I put an insane amount of time into mastering it. After hours and hours of practice I finally was able to play the game on expert. However, that wasn’t good enough for me. I needed to 5 star every single song. I eventually did 5 star every song on the original Guitar Hero and would eventually do the same for the 2nd and 3rd installment. This is where I learned if you are willing to put the time into doing something, you can become an expert at it. You always hear “practice makes perfect”, but Guitar Hero was the first time I loved seeing the progress I made through repetition.

So what exactly did I get from all that practice? Knowing that if I saw that fake guitar in public, that I would be able impress all the ladies with my mad skills. When I was going to the movies one Friday evening, I saw a Guitar Hero booth glowing in the distance. This was my time to shine. I selected Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce. I was absolutely dominating the song, and I knew I started to have people watch me play. My buddy was just hanging back, and listened in on a conversation that happened right next to him. It was a young couple that appeared to be on a date. The girl exclaimed to the guy, “Wow! He can move his hands really fast!” Clearly she wanted me, so the young man had to say something to distract her from the lust she was projecting my way. He just came out and said, “Yeah, he must jerk off a lot.” I can’t lie, he wasn’t wrong. However, they walked away before I had a chance to say anything to them. It was still nice to know that I did at one point impress a girl from my skills at Guitar Hero.

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