(Update) A 4chan rumor from January has been brought back to the spotlight! A “Konami employee” is claiming that Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking to purchase the Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, and Castlevania IPs from Konami!

This all sounds WAY too good to be true but we can’t lie when we say we would love for Sony to save these classic series from gaming purgatory.

(Original story)

Here’s one to file under “ain’t no way this can be true but in the world of gaming never say never”, because rumor has it that Sony and Konami are JOINING FORCES to bring the deadly shine to the Silent Hill franchise!

RelyonHorror broke the news moments ago that Sony and Konami are going to first reboot the series with Sony helping fund the bill, along with their SIE Japan studio team helping development the game.

The second major rumor?? That Sony is trying to repair the relationship between Kojima and Konami so that they can finish Silent Hills!! PINCH ME, BRAH! This HAS to be dream! Their ‘sources’ claim this isn’t a done deal and that the reboot is the only done deal.

What do YOU think, Brah? Is this all FAKE NEWS or is Sony to rub that GREATNESS off on Silent Hill??