Call of duty is adding this years Battle royals mode in the form of warzone! At the time of writing this article it’s about 20 hours away. Here’s a tweet from the official call of duty twitter

What we know: we obviously know how BR games work. In the past 2 years these games have gained a lot of traction with titles such as PUBG, Apex Legends, H1Z1, and of course the biggest being Fortnite, but apparently there is a twist with the first time you get eliminated in warzone you get thrown into what’s called The Gulag. The Gulag is an area where two people 1v1 for redeployment. What’s cool about this though is your teammate can be spectating from up above and can actually throw rocks at your opponents to actually stun them. there will also

Health and armor took a different route as well. You start with a base 100 HP that regenerate like multiplayer. 3 scraps of armor can be applied to add an additional 50 HP for a total of 250 HP. No more med packs or trauma kits. Simple and easy.

At launch as of right now it will be just trios. So a 3 man squad just like Apex Legends.

Warzone will have an economy system, And you bet cash by eliminations which you can use at purchase stations to buy anything from armor to streaks! Also the cash can be used to bring a teammate back that has been eliminated from the match. You can see a video of this in this Tweet from Hutch.

Overall I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews from content creators and third party people hired to help get Warzone to where it needs to be for launch. I know I’m excited and can’t wait to say “where we dropping boys!”