With another Brahcast uploaded to all your favorite podcasting services, comes a new segment of life lessons I’ve learned from video games. This one focuses on accomplishing your goals.

I learned this life lesson after playing the Last of Us’ faction mode. For those who are unfamiliar with factions mode, it’s the multiplayer component of the Last of Us that pitted 4 players against another set of 4 players with various objectives.

If you have ever played a multiplayer mode, you’ll quickly realize that everyone has a different style than you. There are some people that look for a firefight and go guns blazing, others that prefer stealth, and people that play more of a support role. I’ve always been more of a lone wolf player myself, which I’m sure can frustrate many people I play with. However, I don’t normally play that way to go off on an adventure. I typically use that style to find a good flank on the other team while my teammates keep them busy.

Over time, you’ll learn the pinch points in each map. This presents the best opportunity to strike. Being a lone wolf, you must be strategic on your path to success. You can’t flank too early, because the opposing team will just turn around and shoot you. But you can’t be too late either, because your whole team will be wiped out by then. I would use my handy listen mode ability when I got close to see where everyone was, and I pounced at them when they were all distracted by my teammates.

My strategy gave me an easy target to shiv and then unload everything I had at the other enemies’ backs. While 1 or 2 teammates would be dead at this point, it didn’t matter because we were able to take everyone out. So what did I necessarily learn by this? It’s that sometimes you need to make sacrifices to achieve your goals. I knew the goal of the game wasn’t to keep everyone alive, so I had to use my teammates as bait to get us the victory.

Clearly, I don’t think you need to physically sacrifice your friends in real life to achieve your goals, but we all do need make sacrifices at some point to achieve the things we want in life. People may sacrifice sleep in order to make an awesome Brahcast, move on from old friends that constantly hold you back so you can move forward, eat in everyday to pay off debts faster, crunch on a video game to release a polished video game, etc.

If you have never had to make a sacrifice in your life, I totally envy you. Have you also sacrificed your teammates to win a match? Let me know in the comments or at my twitter handle @believeland6. Don’t forget to listen, subscribe, like, and comment on our Brahcast, which you can find here https://anchor.fm/PlayStationBRAHcast or any of your other favorite podcasting services.