Are you excited about to play Marvels Avengers later this year? Does your love for Marvel extend to their Marvel Legends collection of highly detailed collection of action figures? Then this Gamestop exclusive edition is for you!

The major component to this deal is the ‘Outback’ Hulk Marvel Legends Gamerverse figure based on events from the upcoming game! This also leads me to believe we will be going DOWN UNDA’ to Australia to recruit the Hulk after Cap’s death in the opening level.

This Edition will also net you an ‘Outback’ Hulk skin for the game! Unfortunately all of these goodies will set you back $89.99 but hey! You’re getting an exclusive Hulk Marvel Legends figure, Brah! Click HERE if you need more Hulk in your life, Brah!

Marvel’s Avengers will save you and your friend’s day on September 4th!