I am sure we have seen now that there was a new patent filed for a controller, but what is interesting is what is built into it. Sure, many PlayStation VR players have been wanting a new controller with some simple things such as a thumbstick, but this patent includes a plurality of sensor units that detect the fingers of the user.

Looking at the image above, placing your index finger could allow for a more gripping interaction within Virtual Reality much like how it is done for PCVR. But you will also notice where the other fingers are placed with the sensors. Are we about to get even more realistic interaction with PlayStation VR 2?

Now, if we look at the top of the controller, you will notice a familiarity with the button layout that is with the Move controllers now but look at the center button. Not really the same shape as the Move button (not saying that it could not be that), but that looks more like a thumbstick and possibly the same ones that will be on the DualShock 5 controller. And on the back the way that strap could fit over your hand while also having a wrist strap. All I know is that patents are fun and with every new patent that is filed, it just makes you wonder how far Sony is willing to take us to the next level of gaming.