Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us went on a rampage winning many ‘Game of the Decade’ awards as the 2010’s came to an end. Many consider it one of the greatest PlayStation exclusives that SIE has ever created.

So of course there’s an immense amount of pressure from Gamers around the world that The Last of Us Part II not only match the greatness of the OG but even surpass it if possible. For TLoU2’s Co-Director Anthony Newman though?? “That ain’t no problem” as Shannon Sharpe once said, as he called his shot on Twitter.

The Last of Us Part II is about to change the AAA gaming scene, Brah!

Cocky? Arrogant?? Ultra-Confident??? Hey, I’m ok with it! As long as the game delivers on May 29th, Anthony can talk all the trash if the team at Naughty Dog brings the greatness!