One of the most enticing modes coming to Media Molecule’s Dreams post-launch is the VR mode, giving creators a whole new way of creating content that will blow our minds.

Great news, PlayStation VR Brahs! The wait for the VR mode won’t be a long one as Alex Evans, a Co-Founder of Media Molecule, said in an interview with Eurogamer when asked about what’s next for Dreams.

VR is in the pipeline and is actually nearly done to be honest. 

John Beech of Media Molecule told me at E3 2018 that him and his Wife used Dreams VR tools to stage their wedding venue to help with the final product in real life! It’s going to give Creators some amazing tools to innovate with!

You can read much more about the game here in the full interview. Dreams official released on the PS4 today, 7 years after its initial reveal at the PlayStation 4’s unveiling. For $39.99, will you be buying into this ‘dreams come true’ maker??