Here at the PlayStation Brahs, we love to share all kinds of things and this one comes with a please be aware warning just to be on the safe side. It seems that there is a Craigslist ad that is looking for a AAA PSVR game in development. But there are some catches per the ad.

  1. Be in the Los Angeles Westside-Southbay area.
  2. Owned a PSVR for a year.
  3. Must be able to sit for hours playing PSVR without suffering from any motion sickness.
  4. Fan of FPS and survival games.

In return for answering yes to all the above, the compensation is $50.00 Amazon gift card, qualified candidates are said to be welcomed and treated like royalty, but only one weekend only for two-three hours.

If you are interested and feel that you are qualified, feel free to respond to the ad. But like with anything, please be cautious, bring a friend, and stay safe.