Modern warfare season 2 goes live tomorrow 2/11/2020!

What’s coming you ask? Well, what we know for sure is coming day one are 2 new multiplayer maps Rust and atlas superstore, new multiplayer modes CDL Playlist and Gunfight tournaments return, a new ground war map Zhokov boneyard, a new operator Ghost, new gunfight maps Bazaar and it looks like rust will be making its appearance in gunfight, and 2 new weapons the Grau 5.56 and the stinger 45 (Basically the UMP 45)

All of those things just day one of the battlepass with it looks to be a whole lot more content in the coming days of season 2.

Just like the community and myself has been requesting. New original Multiplayer maps THANK YOU infinity ward. I like the move to bring back rust a lot so much nostalgia and memories in the map that shaped my style of play for years to come. I cannot wait to get home tomorrow and play Atlas superstore and see how the map plays.

You can find the official trailer for season 2 Here, and man does it look good!

That’s all I have for you all today! Hopefully this season will be even better than the first season which I loved.