If you’re looking for an online looter shooter to keep you busy throughout 2020, then perhaps you should give Ubisoft’s The Division 2 a shot.

There is always someone to shoot, always something to loot, and in this guy’s opinion, pretty damn fun. What’s crazy right now is that you can grab a copy of the standard edition IN-STORE, brand new (PS4 and XB1!) at GameStop for $5 starting today until the 15th. That’s right! Hundreds of hours of content for the price of that Starbucks coffee you bought this morning.

As a reminder it’s an online shooter and you have to have PS+ to play it at all times, so if you didn’t renew you membership recently, you’re going to wait to if you want to play The Division 2.

Not sure about TD2? We gave it an 8.5 in our official review!!