If you’ve been a fan of ThePlayStationBrahs.com over the past few years then you might be aware of The PlayStation BRAHcast, the official ‘show’ of the site. What started back in May of 2017 was a simple (and lazy!) way to try to start a ‘podcast’ of our own. Hey! Everyone else was doing it, right?

Soon after that we made the transition to Google Hangout via YouTube. P L E N T Y of my Twitter friends did it this way. It was easy to set-up and easy to share..until Google pulled the plug on Hangouts. What happened next? The dark times! No BRAHcast whatsoever. UNTIL NOW! We’ve recovered. We are united as one and ready to make The BRAHcast one of the best PlayStation Podcast available! We have a crew full of Guys who freagin’ LOVE gaming and want have fun while talking about it. Believe me, you’re going to get that gaming good AND a belly full of laughs along the way with all the latest gaming news, reviews, and opinions!

Intersted?? Episode 3 – I’M A HOT DOG! Went live a couple hours ago. Episode’s 1 and 2 have been online for the past couple of weeks. They can be listened to across a variety of your favorite Podcasting platforms including Spotify, Goolge Podcast, Apple Podcast, and many more!

Subscribe. Like. Give us a review or two. Listen once then never again and express your disappoint to your Mom. Either way Your support and opinion of the podcast will help shape the future of it because we truly think the PlayStation BRAHcast can be a major part of this website now and in the future. So buckle up, Brah. It’s gonna’ be one helluva’ BRAHsome ride!

(By the way, if you want to listen to the ‘old’ PlayStation BRAHcast, I’ve compiled them all into one Playlist on our official YouTube page!)