SMG Studio announced that Moving Out will be moving into your home April 28th, 2020. What is Moving Out you ask? It’s a co-op moving simulator that will surely have you screaming at your spouse, friend, or whoever you have playing along with you.

Moving Out looks to be heavily inspired by Overcooked but brings a new twist to the mix. From all of the footage I’ve seen, it looks like it’ll be more of a physics based game than Overcooked is, but it keeps the stress levels high. I’m not 100% certain yet, but it looks like it’ll only be local co-op.

Either way, it looks like it’ll be hours of fun with friends with over 50 levels to play. The gameplay looks chaotic and has a lot of charm to go along with it. If you don’t believe me, watch the reveal trailer below!

Are you ready to tell your in-laws you are to busy helping people move to get out of hanging out with them? I sure am!