Hey guys! This week on the BRAHcast we introduced a new segment called Life Lessons with James. I was hoping for it to be something all the Brahs would chip in on, but it looks like it’ll be my exclusive segment for now. Each Brahcast I’ll introduce one new life lesson I’ve learned from video games and then also write about it after we record the show.

The first life lesson I mentioned came from a little-known game (sarcasm) called Super Smash Bros. My childhood involved a lot of Goldeneye and a lot of Smash with my friends. I would say that I was one of the better players out of the 6ish friends that would play, and I would win regularly.

Just like in sports (unless you’re an ESPN analyst), you can quickly realize that most people, even your friends, don’t like seeing the same person/team win over and over again. When I would get on a nice hot streak and win multiple games in a row, my “friends” decided that they would turn the free for all match into a 3 v 1 match. It would still have the free for all match rules, but whenever my character would spawn, they would all come after me.

Needless to say, I got my 10 year old butt whooped, and I did not take it lightly. Once I knew I had no chance, I just kept jumping off the map and killing myself. I then went home and didn’t talk to my “friends” for days.

So you can say that I found out I’m a sore loser that day, but really that was a dick move on my friends part. They could just, you know, get good and play legit. This wasn’t the real lesson that I learned that day though. The real lesson I learned that day was that no matter what, there will always be people that want to see you fail and some of those people are the ones closest to you.

I’m sure you guys have learned that lesson at some point in your life as well, whether it was from video games or not. Let me if/how/when you learned this same lesson. Also, don’t be afraid to share some of your lessons you’ve learned from video games with the Brahs! Maybe we can have you on and talk about your lesson on the BRAHcast at some point! Don’t forget to listen to the Brahcast here https://anchor.fm/PlayStationBRAHcast when you have some spare time.