This month on Kickstarter we have an action adventure rogue-lite by Viral Studios called Lethal Honor: Essence. In the game you play as an agent of Lethal Honor who fights against eldritch creatures using strategic combat. Unlock the truth as part of an organization that investigates and destroys paranormal events in a hand drawn beauty. The art style is amazing and should definitely be a highlight of the game. There is a demo you can download on Lethal Honor Demo

The game will feature a graphic novel visual style in order to draw the player in and immerse them in the world. Each enemy appears to be well designed with some really terrifying creatures. Lethal Honor will feature a dozen different scenarios with its own enemies and locations from laboratories, forests, caves, mines as well as cities.


  • Action-adventure: Intense and brutal melee combat with draining but rewarding gameplay. Attacking relentlessly will only lead to your death, think, plan, and survive.
  • Mixed rogue-lite and adventure progression: Travel through different zones with an original progression system that will encourage the player to revisit scenarios to get access to new content that was previously closed. Mixed with hundreds of items, relics, and artifacts that will force you to adapt your playstyle in order to maximize their benefits.
  • Plan your movements strategically: Go across zones with several types of nodes. Fighting is not always the answer. You may encounter decision taking events, shops, recovery rooms and much more. Plan ahead and accept the consequences, getting into an untimely battle could lead to your demise.
  • Thrilling graphic novel narrative and storytelling: Explore and unravel a mature and dark story full of secrets. Each main agent will move the events forward with a unique story told through comics and events with a strong and deep emotional burden.

Lethal Honor: Essence is scheduled to release March 4th, 2021 on PlayStation 4 with a PC release coming three months later. Currently the project stands at 45% funded with still over 30 days to go so it should reach that goal.

Some of the rewards include closed beta access, private discord access, physical soundtrack, design a boss, design an agent and of course a copy of the game. You can check out more details here on their Kickstarter page Lethal Honor on Kickstarter.