With February already being a great month for gaming, there was a welcomed surprise that we would Firewall Zero Hour would be free for PlayStation Plus members and to help celebrate the party, the newest DLC is looking to bring on the fun as a new map, contractor, and new rewards are yours for the taking.

So with this new DLC, let’s get introduced with the newest Contractor, Saul.

Sometimes we need that one expert that can excel in the open water, tactical, and who can pick up planted equipment from the enemy teams, this is the one contractor who may be your ace in the deck. Remember, when there is a problem that needs to be taken care of, you better call Saul.

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Black Dawn

So you think you mastered all the maps and know them like the back of your hand? Well, get ready to experience the Oil Rig. Just make sure you have what it takes to see in the dark and not be afraid to get close and personal in these close quarters and use those cover points to your advantage. Welcome to the Oil Rig.

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Black Dawn

We all like to be rewarded for the jobs that we do and this season, we have you covered with 25 brand new cosmetic rewards. You will need to complete missions in order to unlock the different and free face paints, skins, and trinkets, so do what you can in the best way that you can.

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Black Dawn

When there are times when you may not feel that you are having the best game, sometimes a new weapon in your hands will cure that fever. Introducing the Custom X-MR fully automatic SMG.

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Black Dawn

Firewall Zero Hour does offer you a lot of free items. But do you want to be elite? Do you want to be the one that as soon as others see you they will either fear you or try and challenge you only to realize that sometimes people should judge a book by its cover? Then to really help you reach that status (besides skill), you may want to look into the Operation: Black Dawn Op Pass that will allow you to get additional cosmetic rewards such as Legendary Weapons Skins such as Saul’s CQB…

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Black Dawn

But if you are wondering about the cost of the pass, this season, you might be surprised by the tier levels that are available. All prices include Hack Keys:

  • Firewall Zero Hour – Operation: Black Dawn Op Pass + 25 Hack Keys ($24.99)
  • Firewall Zero Hour – Operation: Black Dawn Op Pass + 5 Hack Keys ($9.99)
  • Firewall Zero Hour – Operation: Black Dawn Op Pass + 1 Hack Key ($5.99)
  • Firewall Zero Hour – 5 Hack Keys Pack ($4.99)

Remember that Firewall Zero Hour is free for the month of February and since February is the shortest month, do not hesitate and wait until the last minute as you will probably forget and then regret your procrastination choices, go claim Firewall Zero Hour now! And since this year is a leap year and there are 29 days in February, it means it is a sign and you really should not hesitate by any means. So grab that Aim controller and get ready for an exciting Operation: Black Dawn Season.

Until then…please enjoy…