If you are looking for an in-depth description of Atomic Heart and don’t mind reading subtitles well we have just the video for you. The YouTube channel 4game recently got a chance to sit down with Mundfish and play a build of Atomic Heart (lucky). While the actual gameplay in the video isn’t what he played you do get to see some very interesting clips. Not only that but he goes into agent P-3 the main character and level description. The YouTuber also goes into some good detail about game mechanics and how they work. This game is very mysterious and has had some negative publicity surrounding it. Hopefully this video can ease some of the worry. After watching the 40+ minute video I can say I am still hyped for the game.

Now that you have watched the video what do you think about the game mechanics? Does the crafting excite you? What about the combat? How about the force throwing objects? It’s really nice to see some of the weapons and how they will be used.