The Call of duty league is back for it’s second week this Saturday Feb. 8th, and this week starts the tournament portion of the league. It will consist of two groups, group A and group B.

The first game will feature The Paris Legion VS. The New York subliners. The rest of the schedule can be found below.

We will see if the Dallas Empire can come back from and 0-2 Launch weekend. We will also see if The Chicago Huntsmen can continue to dominate like they did on the launch weekend.

Predictions for each group: The winner out of Group A will be The Chicago Huntsmen, and the winner out of group B will be The Paris Legion barley edging out the Royal Ravens in the group B finals. The Huntsmen will take this tournament with ease though.

So tune in Saturday Feb. 8th at 5:00 AM CT to watch the start of the second week of the Call of duty league.

FaZe Up.