The MediEvil series was ‘brought back from the dead’ at PSX 2017 thanks to then Chairman of SIE WWS Shawn Layden. He revealed to the world that the original game would be receiving a remake for the new and old generation of PlayStation fans.

The official release of the MediEvil Remake came and went. While it didn’t exactly excite most critics, fans of the series loved returning to the Sir Daniel’s battle against evil. But is this once again the end of the MediEvil resurrection? Did the budget-price help move enough copies for a MediEvil 2 Remake?

Glad you asked! Twitter MediEvil super account ‘SaveMediEvil’ randomly sent this tweet out today. To which the SERIES COMPOSER of MediEvil, Andrew Barnabas, responded rather mysteriously to.

When a doubter came along to ruin the parade, Andrew was quick to respond. You would think someone who’s paid royalties based on units sold he might know a thing or two about how the game did financially, Brah.

Could it be happening? Could a MediEvil 2 Remake REALLY be happening? Did Shawn Layden grant us all one last present before he retired from the PlayStation Nation?? Stay tuned, Brah!