The year is 1942 and the world has frozen over. There is no more sunlight above ground. Resources, vehicles, and weapons are scarce. Personalities are starting to conflict. People you once thought you could trust seem like they may be turning on you…this has to end and it needs to end now and the only way for that to happen is to join forces to help find the important scientist that may be able to help end this conflict so that humanity can overcome this roadblock of uncertainty of this natural disaster.

Features include:

  • Tactical Combat – Fight against three different factions, each one with its unique units, strategy and advantages. Soldiers, snipers, slippery bandits, knights immune to cold… Study your enemies, plan out every move and adapt to all confrontations!
  • Exploration – Travel through various locations, from military enclaves to medieval dungeons. There you can search for fulgor, new equipment for your characters, and pieces of information of the world you are in and the factions you face.
  • Skill Trees – As you find equipment compatible with each character, you can unlock and upgrade new skills, and combine them to make the perfect builds for your strategy.
  • Resource Management – Use all the fulgor you can find to defreeze your HP, decrease the cooldowns, and reanimate your fallen units.
  • Eight Characters – with their own problems and interests – Join a sort of temporary alliance in search of one Dr. Margaret Blythe.

How will you work together to fight against the factions? What resources will you find? Will you be able to trust when the time comes? Will there ever be sunlight over the world again? Find out when 1971 Project Helios comes to PlayStation 4 on June 9, 2020.

Until then…please enjoy…