Brah. We all know the joke by now. Death Stranding is nothing more than a post-apocalyptic walking simulator that has you avoiding spooky ghost while you deliever packages across a ruined America.

While it’s way, WAY more complicated than that, we would be lying if we didn’t admit that you do accumulate way, way more steeps than your FitBit daily goals though on any give mission. Enter YouTuber Allen Pen. He combined his love for Death Stranding along with the need to exercise daily (daily?? Uh, OOPS!) into one amazing walking simulator! Death Stranding: The FOR REAL Walking Simulator. Take one DualShock 4. Combine a janky treadmill. Some engineering. BOOM. Your ass is going to be sweating as you deliver the goods to your next client

Watch the video to discover how Allen made it all work, while laughing in amusement as him and his comrades fail miserably to reunite America!

Death Stranding is out now on the PS4.