Netflix and their adaptation of video game properties have been mighty successful so far in their ‘marriage’, with The Witcher pulling in massive numbers for the ever popular streaming service.

Their next major gaming adaptation is none other than Capcom’s Resident Evil series. With 20+ years of games to pull from, Netflix could have another Witcher-sized hit on their hands if done properly. I know this Resident Evil fan is certainly happy that Netflix is going to take a ‘bite’ at one of his favorite gaming series as long as they don’t follow the path that the movies did.

Redanian Intelligence is reporting that production of the show is about to kick into high gear! Season one will consist of eight one-hour episodes similar to most big-budget Netflix series these days. Main production will take place in South Africa. Prepping will start in April as production is to begin in June, wrap in October, and then head to post-production which means a 2021 premiere is very highly.

A showrunner has yet to be announced for the series so we certainly have a ways to go. However we will keep all of our fellow Resident Evil fans up-to-date on all the latest RE news!