2019 (has been) IS IN THE BOOKS, BAY-BAY!! So you know what that means!? Time for our second annual Game of the Year Awards! The time when we lock ourselves in a Twitter DM and decided who was the best of the best in the past year of gaming! Are you ready for this, Brah!?

Indie Game of the Year:

A Plague Tale: Innocence

As chosen by The Indie Legend: When it comes to playing Indie games most expect something far away from AAA titles. That isn’t a bad thing as it provides unique gaming experiences with developers taking risks. In the case of A Plague Tale: Innocence not only did we get a unique game with amazing characters but the game easily held its own against any major title in 2019.

Amicia and Hugo captured the hearts of many with some saying it could win GOTY. Asobo Studio placed you in a time of the Black Plague filled with rats and unspeakable horror. You will find it hard to look away from this gorgeous game even in the most grotesque scenes. However, even in such a dark time Hugo and Amicia form a family with strangers and an even greater bond with the player. There just aren’t many games that will reach you emotionally on this level.

Remake/Remaster of the Year:

Resident Evil 2

As chosen by Thomas Williams: WE DO IT!” became the war cry for the Resident Evil 2 Remake back when it was officially announced in 2015. But did Capcom have the talent to take a classic like the original Resident Evil 2 and make it new again without sacrificing what made it special in the first place? OH HELL YES they did!

The Resident Evil 2 Remake served as a perfect entry point for old fans of the series and for new fans of the series. Once they had a taste of this new greatness they soon had interest in other entries of the series. The RE2Remake went above and beyond the original game to offer a damn-near perfect Remake for fans of the series.

The crazy part about it? Capcom could be in contender for this very same award when the Resident Evil 3 Remake releases this April. Guess we will have to look to the STAAARRSS to truly see.

PSVR Game of the Year:

Blood & Truth

As chosen by Thomas Williams: I can’t lie. When we played Blood & Truth at E3 2018 I was not impressed. It felt like yet another on-rails shooter for the PSVR.

Damn did London Studio prove me wrong! Blood & Truth is one of the most intense and action-packed games on the PSVR with some of the best graphics yet on Sony’s headset. If you ever wanted to be the star of Michael Bay’s next multi-million dollar film, Blood & Truth is your ticket to the kickass express.

Blood & Truth easily deserves to be part of your PlayStation VR library, Brah!

Action/Adventure Game of the Year:

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

As chosen by Alden Bair: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order might be the best exploratory Action/Adventure game since Uncharted 4. In fact, just about everything this game does is done as well as it possibly can be done (with the strong exception of the map. The map is atrocious.) The combat is fantastic. Every swing of your lightsaber is powerful and meaningful. Every second of combat must be thought through. You can’t mindlessly power through by hitting X, or one errant blow can ruin an hour of progression. The score pulls the best music from the best Star Wars moments, and transports you into a living, breathing movie. At times, it’s even better than the movies, because, as a video game, it allows for a depth and scope to the world that you just don’t have the time to appreciate in a 2 hour movie.

I really feel like this game would’ve blown more people away if it wasn’t for the fact that is was an EA game (although it was developed by the fantastic Respawn Entertainment.) People just expect too much from EA games at times; and the first person, story-driven gamer tends to turn their nose up at the name. All said though, more people should give this game a chance, Star Wars fan or not, because this game is easily one of the best games of 2019, if not one of the best Action/Adventure games of the decade.

FPS/Online Shooter of the Year:

Apex Legends

As chosen by KravenGod: Apex Legends was the best Competitive FPS to come out in 2019. Its fast-paced fun is rewarding and engaging at every moment. The characters and the guns are the highlight for me in Apex as well. It’s been a game that has evolved more in 3 seasons than most highly known titles.

When you pick up the wingman pistol and start popping headshots while sliding down a hill, racing to get inside the ring–it’s magical.

Game of the Year 2019:

Death Stranding

As chosen by The Indie Legend: Over and over again you hear that Death Stranding isn’t for everyone. Even if this is the case there is much to be said about the overwhelming majority who have been fascinated by the game. Hideo Kojima created a world so unique and baffling that most (including myself) had no idea what was going on during the game. It wasn’t until closer to the end of the game that you get a glimpse of what you are involved in yet it isn’t fully revealed until the very end.

If you play the game for more than the first few hours you quickly understand Death Stranding is more than just delivering items to people in need. This title is so much more and with an absolutely stunning soundtrack to choreograph Sam Bridges movements there just isn’t anything like it. Add the stellar cast on top of this incredible story with its insanely puzzling narrative and you have the Game of the year for 2019. Easily.

There you have it! Our Game of the Year Awards for 2019! Do you want to known even more about what we think of these games? Listen to next week’s PlayStation BRAHcast to go more in-depth with our selections!