It was rather depressing last year when the official PlayStation account tweeted that Shawn Layden was no longer with the Sony after 30 years of faithful service to the Japanese electronic company.

While nothing has ever been confirmed as to why he left, Shawn is still fairly active on Twitter with current SIE employees and his fan base he accumulated over the years while working with the PlayStation brand.

Shawn still reminiscences about his career at Sony as he recently revealed that one of his proudest moments was being on the team that helped Insomniac Games to become part of their SIE WWS stable of developers.

One could argue that it had already felt as if Insomniac was already part of the team due to the massive amount of games they had worked on together in the past that they were already a part of SIE. But now that it’s official it’ll be rather interesting to see how things continue to development.

Who would you like to see Sony acquire next??