With the Era of Skywalker ‘over’, Lucasfilm is marching forward with their mighty sci-fi franchise as EA is follows right behind ready to continue to cash-in on that exclusive contract.

We reported last week about a project that EA is working on that’ll help kickoff the ‘High Republic’ era of the Star Wars universe as Disney aims to give the Force a Marvel Cinematic Universe taste to it. No joke. Click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph!

Apparently it seems that EA has way more projects than that in their galactic oven. Cinelinx has the exclusive scoop that EA is ‘reimagining’ the Knight of the Old Republic game(s) to help certain elements fit into the new canon of the Star Wars universe going forward. For those unaware, there was a squad of Sith Troopers with the banner named Revan! I know if you’re a Star Wars fan reading this you already know all about the greatness of the KOTOR games on the original Xbox.

Respawn Entertainment is hiring for a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel. Then you have the rumored major ‘High Republic’ era title. Constant new content for Battlefront II. Now this KOTOR rumor. EA ain’t playing. Are you going to be when time comes to buy all of these Star Wars games??