The Call Of Duty launch weekend is upon us and fans of the competitive COD scene cannot be more excited. Here’s a preview of the venue.

The first game of launch weekend in Minnesota will be live at 4:30 CT. It will feature the Dallas Empire and the Chicago Huntsmen. So with that being said I have a few predictions for this weekend. All games will be a best of 5 series.

Game 1- Empire will take this game but it will be close I’m thinking 3-2

Game 2- Mutineers will take this game 3-1

Game 3- RØKKR 3-0

Game 4- NY 3-0

Game 5- Surge 3-2

Game 6- Mutineers 3-1

Game7- OGLA 3-0

Game 8- Atlanta FaZe 3-2

Game 9- London 3-1

Game 10- Chicago 3-1

Game 11-FaZe 3-0

Game 12- RØKKR 3-1

Way too early championship predictions- Chicago Huntsmen will take home the CDL Championship this year by beating out the Atlanta FaZe in a hard fought match up 3-2.

Surprise team- Seattle Surge

MVP- Scump

Most Surprising player- Surge Apathy

Come back next week to see how my predictions turned out and come back every Time there’s a tournament to see my predictions for the said tournament.

FaZe Up!