A playlist update is coming to Modern Warfare today. Along with the playlist update this update will include a new Crossbow weapon available through a challenge, 5 additional loadout slots, Fix for player collision, and Aniyah Palace returns to ground war (Good), and more. As noted in this tweet by Activisions Ashton Williams.

As well as operations skins, camos, and charms for all 12 Call of duty league teams are coming Jan. 24 to the in game store here’s a sneak peek at FaZe, Huntsmen, RØKKR, and Empire

We’ve needed extra class slots for a while now so I’m glad that Activision is listening to the consumers. Do you know how hard it is to pick just five weapons? Now all myself and I’m sure a lot more people are waiting on is more maps. Specifically for me more original maps. Hopefully season 2 brings a good amount of them with it!


Update: full patch notes for the patch are here.

Big moves are made with Dead silence and slide cancelling. Call of duty league pros will play on this patch during launch weekend. We’ll see how this effects the outcome of games.