Can we talk for a minute? Just for a second. Have you heard of this game called 7th Sector? No? Well Indie game fans do we have a treat for you. Set in a cyberpunk world 7th Sector wants to challenge you with different puzzles as you set out on a dangerous path of discovery. Play as several different characters, each with their own abilities. This isn’t straight forward with your decisions though as they can determine the final outcome.

The visuals of this game are incredibly cool. Can you believe this was done almost all by one person? Yep, Sergey Noskov. I don’t even know what to say about that. While cyberpunk does rely heavily on its visuals you must have the music to back up the tone as well. If the trailer is any indication you should be ready to put on your headphones and kick back with this title.

7th Sector will be available on February 5th on PS4, Switch, Xbox One and is available on Steam now.


  • Atmospheric dystopian world
  • Lots of varied and unique puzzles
  • Control several characters
  • Immersive soundtrack by “Nobody’s Nail Machine”
  • Branching system with 4 different endings