2019 is behind us and it’s time to look ahead towards the future. This time of year is all about those wishes, wants and needs. Let’s be honest, those needs fall under the wishes and wants. I don’t have any wants left at the moment but I have at least one wish left in me and that’s for everyone to experience some of the best Indie titles of 2019. Granted I have played a few ‘not so good titles’ but for the most part this year has been a pleasant surprise. Not all experiences have to be the same though. There are still plenty of Indie titles out there to play previous to this year. So if you was fortunate enough to dig backwards into a few older games then your list could look quite different. If you didn’t then challenge yourself this year to perhaps play an older Indie game because you never know what gem you might find.

Take for instance a game I had no idea would grab me and then proceed to not let go. That would be Kingdom Come Deliverance by Warhorse Studios. Released in 2018 the indie game caught most by surprise with its realism and difficulty. It wasn’t until this year that I was able to pick it up and the wait was worth it. If I had played the game upon release it would have been my indie game of the year for 2018 but instead it will go down as my surprise game for 2019. If you love RPGs and desire a challenge then I highly recommend Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Now is the time to talk about the games that brought me the most joy in 2019. So here it is, my top five indie games of 2019.


Developer: Hi-Bit Studios

Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

198X is easily one of my favorite Indie games of ALL time and as crazy as that sounds the trip down memory lane was that damn good. Playing as a young lost soul you find your freedom in an underground arcade. There you feel things you haven’t felt before and you play games that inspire you to want more. The discovery of gaming is different for everyone but one thing remains the same, as a gamer you had THE moment. 198X blends this perfectly with storytelling and an array of different types of games. It’s a must for those that seek nostalgia.

Sea of Solitude

Developer: Jo-Mei Games

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

If you have played Sea of Solitude what is the first thought of the game that comes to mind? Beautiful? Thought provoking? Emotional? The story behind such a well-crafted game is the highlight of this amazing adventure. Darkness surrounds your character as you are turned into a monster and must find the reason behind it all. Dealing with depression and mental illness issues Sea of Solitude touches on some very vital subjects a lot of people deal with on a daily basis. Not only does the game look amazing with great gameplay but the characters involved in the story will leave you weeping in solitude.

Katana Zero

Developer: Askiisoft

Platforms: Switch, PC

Katana Zero was a surprise hit for me. While it was on my radar I didn’t think it would be the type of game I would love. I loved it. Thanks to a friend on Twitter (His recommendation) I picked it up and then couldn’t put it down. With awesome pixel art and an intriguing story, Katana Zero is a smashing hit. The fast paced gameplay and brutal\sometimes gory graphics will give the action gamers plenty to enjoy. I also loved the game mechanics. Who doesn’t revel in deflecting a bullet back at his enemy with a Katana blade?

Children of Morta

Developer: Dead Mage

Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

Putting Children of Morta here on the list wasn’t just a no brainer but it was difficult as well. The game is outstanding and fulfilled its promise on being a great dungeon crawler. During the game you will become a part of the Bergson family and will soon develop a desire to get to know each character. You can play as any one of them and build them up to be the strongest of the group. The characters set themselves apart by almost being a class option within the game. The stellar pixel art isn’t the only homerun Dead Mage hit though as the story progression and its pace is absolutely done to perfection. It’s quite unique in its story telling and the procedurally generated dungeons offer a fresh start with each play through. Children of Morta did not disappoint those that had been waiting for the Indie title.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Developer: Asobo Studio

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

If you know, you know. That is the case with this Indie GOTY title. While other Indie games can argue for a case of being in that position not many can make a case for GOTY period. A Plague Tale: Innocence can and with its gorgeous graphics along with a compelling story many have this title in that spot. It was known early on that the struggle to keep Amicia and Hugo alive wouldn’t be easy. I mean it’s the time of the Black Plague. Not only do you have to fight off hordes of ravenous rats but the Inquisition is after you as well. Making your way through towns and cities with the Inquisition hot on your heels will keep you feeling the importance of moving forward. However, surviving the rats is next level nerve racking that causes some of the tensest moments I’ve experienced in gaming. You wouldn’t think that a game involving hordes of rats would remind you of what it means to be family and what it means to protect them at all cost but it does just that. By the time I finished the game I had gone through the gambit of emotions. A Plague Tale: Innocence deserves the top spot and Asobo Studios should have a room full of awards for this game.

Thank you for all the fans of Indie games. It is pure joy that I get to share my thoughts and feelings about such incredible games. May 2020 bring us more amazing Indie titles.