One of the first things confirmed in the original Wired PS5 ‘reveal’ article was that the PSVR and accessories would be forward compatible with the PS5. When they confirmed that PS4 games would backwards compatible with the PS5, it meant all of those DualShock 4 controllers you own will also work on the PS5.

Microsoft recently confirmed that the newest Xbox controller will be backwards compatible with the Xbox One. Will Sony, who’s packing the DualShock 5 with tons of fancy technology, work on the PS4 the same way the DS4 works on the PS3?

According to PlayStation France it will! This chart confirms that the DualShock 5 will also be compatible on Sony’s second best-selling console of all-time! While it most likely won’t take advantage of the new tech, being able to use it on the PS4 is BRAHsome.

The ‘worst kept secret’ at the moment is that the PS5 will be revealed next month at a special event. Are you ready to see what PlayStation is bringing us next?