Say whatever you want to say about Bend Studio’s Days Gone but you’ll never be able to deny that the game has had some damn good success for Sony!

As of September 14th, 2019 the NPD reported that it ranked 6th on the all-time PS4 exclusive best-selling list. As of that time it had only been available to purchase for 5 months. With 2019 ending a little over a week ago, the official PlayStation Blog dropped the best-selling PSN digital titles of 2019. Days Gone came in 10th, making it the best-selling PS4 exclusive on the PSN!

As point outed by independent video game analyst Benji-Sales, it outsold such major franchises as Mortal Kombat and Borderlands.

Being such a major success for Sony Interactive Entertainment across the world, it’s only time before the game receives a sequel based on how it ended.

Are you ready for more Days Gone action possibly on the PS5?