It is good to be Sony right about now. The PlayStation brand has reached many new milestones and the Japanese electronics company was not afraid to share them!

  • Over 106 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been SOLD worldwide. This counts the OG, Pro, and Slim.
  • The PlayStation VR headset has now sold over 5 million units.
  • There’s over 103 million monthly PlayStation Network users. This is across all PlayStation devices.
  • Over 38.8 million PlayStation gamers subscribe to PS Plus.
  • Over 1.15 BILLION PS4 games sold. CRAZY.

2020 looks to be yet another amazing year for the brand as a plethora of major exclusives hit the console such as Dreams, Iron Man VR, Final Fantasy VII, The Last of Us Part II, and much more.

Don’t forget about the PlayStation 5 and all the greatness it’s about to bring this Fall.

Like I said. It’s good to be Sony.