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Do you enjoy GTA? How about being in control of your life in SIMS? Mash that together in a 70’s\80’s style setting and you have Life is Mine. This ambitious open world role-playing game not only wants to give YOU the freedom of being who you want, but also allows you to experience it with others. That is correct. Life is Mine by Purge Games is ready to allow you the player to become whatever you want. Do you want to be a bad guy and rob people? You can. Want to work alongside the police and protect the innocent? You can do that as well. Play your playstyle in a semi-realistic cartoon style setting.

While the concept trailer doesn’t really offer a great glimpse of what we might be getting, the concept art is definitely fresh. See what I did there? No? Ok moving along. I know most Kickstarter games can come with the “ambitious” label but there are some intriguing gaming mechanics the developers are attempting to pull off here. Full character customization and a hunger/thirst survival feature? We are talking about taking survival aspects into a game with the freedom to role-play as whoever you want. That would be an amazing feature in a survival game. Customize, role-play and see if you can survive. I like the sound of that. Check out the game features.

Basic features:

  • Third person Camera
  • Character controls (Walk, jog, sprint, jump, crouch and crawl)
  • Stamina
  • Inventory
  • Item pickup and drop
  • Melee combat(Punches and guard)
  • Equipment system (Equip/unequip items, equipment slots, switch between equipped items, etc.)
  • Shoot system and weapons (Automatic and semi-automatic weapons, shotguns, aiming, recoil, ammo, reload, etc.)
  • Information messages system

Role-play features:

  • Character creation customization
  • Clothing customization
  • Player to player trade
  • Hunger and thirst
  • Jobs (Police forces, criminals, paramedics, merchants, gunsmith, banker, and more!)
  • Job management system(Hiring, dismiss, switch rank, employee list)
  • Unemployed missions
  • Prison
  • Vehicles and transportations
  • Apartments and houses(Rentals and purchases)
  • VOIP communications
  • Mobile phones(Calls and messages)

Of course no good Kickstarter is without those backing rewards!

Your name in the credits.

Digital copy of the game.

Unique premium character outfit.

Access to the closed beta.

Add your own comment in the game.

Design a new vehicle that will be featured in the game.

And much more!

With 19 days to go the game has a long way to go to reach its goal of $89,314. It needs to be said that the game also looks to be very early in development. I do want to keep an eye on this project and see where it goes from here.

As of now the goal is to release on PC with perhaps a console release later. The developers also want the game to feature dedicated public servers with private servers being made available by a hosting partner. If Purge games can pull this off I will absolutely have to check it out.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here Life is Mine Kickstarter.

Concept art of the game.