Few things will beat the thrill of rushing home each day hoping that one kid who caused your bus ride to be an extra ten minutes long was going to be picked up at the grocery store instead of being dropped off at his Grandma’s house.

Why? Because Dragon Ball Z was on Toonami right as I got off the damn bus!!! Any additional time wasted was The Brah missing out on Goku and Frieza staring at one another for an entire episode while the planet Namek was ready to explode in five minutes!! Did it make sense? Nope. Was it freagin’ BRAHsome? Hell yes it was.

So when I say that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is that ‘dream game’ me and my pals talked about during lunch at school, I mean it. An open world RPG-style DBZ game that lets you play as Goku and friends across the entire saga?? SIGN ME UP!

Kyle Herbert returns to narrate this new trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot so if you suddenly return to your youth, staring at your CRT TV as Goku turns Super Saiyan remember that we are all having similar experiences, Brah!!

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot rocks the dragon on January 17th!