You might remember Lost Soul Aside, but if you don’t here’s a brief reminder: the indie action/adventure hack n’ slash RPG that looked totally awesome and was being worked on by ONE devoted developer.

Sony quickly struck a deal with Ultizero Games to make the game a timed-exclusive on the PS4 as it became part of the ‘China Hero Project’ initiative to help small Chinese developers to bring their creations to life.

Our first look at the game was 2016 with new trailers each following year. We even played it at PSX 2017! The last time we heard about the game was early last year saying that development was going well. So what’s been going on with it since?

If 2020 wasn’t already crowded enough, the creator of Lost Soul Aside, Bing Yang,confirmed in an interview that him and his small team are aiming for a late 2020 release for LSA! So do us all a favor and send the team some positive energy so they can finish their big project!

If you missed any of the past trailers, we’ve embedded them below for your viewing pleasure!