When Sony dropped the first details regarding the PS5 early year one of the first things they revealed that it would be backwards compatible with both PS4 games and the PSVR headset/games.

The main reason for owning a new console is to play all those nice shiny and new games that the previous console couldn’t possibly handle. But in this world of digital content having the ability to transfer your collection from generation to the next is a huge benefit even though some people didn’t realize you could play PS1 games on your PS3 even after PS2 BC was completely removed from the system.

The PlayStation Nation immediately started to think the PS5 might me able to mimic what Microsoft has done with the XB1 and the next Xbox. Backwards compatibility from the original Xbox all the way to XB1 games on the next Xbox. Is it even possible for the PS5 to play PS3 games? We all know by know that the Cell processor has made it difficult for even today’s top PCs to properly emulate PS3 titles.

What’s suddenly changed? Content Creator/Gaming Influencer Hip Hop Gamer is putting his reputation on the line claiming that the PS5 will feature a megaton of BRAHsomeness: a ‘Remastering engine’ that will grant the PlayStation 5 the ultimate power to play games from across the 25 years of PlayStation’s dominance with improved results.

He goes on to claim that the PS5 will be a ‘generational experience in one box’ and the ability to do all of this was a big reason why Sony acquired Gaikai back in 2012. I’ll share the video below. It all sounds too good to be true. Would I love for it to happen? Hell yes. The PS5 would be the ULTIMATE PlayStation for us longtime fans who have collections of past gamers that could all be instantly upgraded by simply inserting the disc.

Sadly, it most likely won’t happen. If anything Sony will double-down on PS Now offering a plethora of games from the past to entice us Gamers to subscribe to their cloud gaming/download service.

Let me ask you this. If the PS5 can only play PS5 and PS4 games out of the box will that prevent you from buying one or are you ALL IN, Brah? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.