While these two stories might have no connection at all, we find it mighty interesting that Cory Barlog is attending CES for his first time EVER after Sony warns us that ‘the future is coming’ during their CES 2020 press conference.

First off we should state that Sony normally doesn’t give the PlayStation that much loving at their CES pressers. Instead in the past they’ve given the spotlight to the their newest TV’s, phones, tablets, robo-dogs, or whatever is tickling their fancy at the current moment. But you see 2020 is different. When Sony updated their site stating to fans of their brand of electronics that ‘the future is coming’ the first thought that came to the mind of many Gamers is some kind of PS5 reveal at CES 2020.

Like we mentioned earlier, Sony normally doesn’t give the PlayStation much loving at CES. Until now? God of War Creative Director Cory Barlog took to his Twitter account tonight to let it be know that he will be attending CES 2020. This visit will be the very first time for the acclaimed creator.

What makes things more interesting is that Cory liked Push Square’s article regarding a PS5 reveal at CES!

Is the Director of one most Sony’s best-selling and highly loved games this generation really going to talk to robots because he has the free time or is he going to help present the next-generation of PlayStation? Eh. Most likely going to try to talk to someone about having axe-throwing robots at the next Sony Santa Monica Studio Christmas party. That’ll really be a night to remember, Brah!

Now Tom Warren at The Verge is adding some fuel to the fire with his latest tweet reminding folks that Sony and AMD will be having press conferences at CES.

CES 2020 starts on January 7th and runs until January 10th, 2020. Sony’s press conference goes down on January 6th, 2020 at 17:00 PST. If there is any potential gaming news at the show, we here at the PlayStation Brahs will be here to cover it for you!