If you’ve been gaming on the PlayStation since the PS3 then you’ve probably heard from Devs over the years describe how difficult it was to develop on Sony’s last-gen console. While the Cell processor offered UNLIMITED POWER it was notoriously difficult to develop for.

Sony converted to the X86 architecture for the PS4 with the main goal to help developers forget all about the developmental nightmare that was the PS3. Now we’re less than a year away from the PS5 and the goal is the same as before: to make it easier than ever to develop on so that teams can focus on making great games.

It seems to be working so far! In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation magazine Shuhei Yoshida, Former President of SIE WWS and now head of PlayStation’s indie dev scene, was quoted as saying that Devs told him that the PS5 is the easiest console they’ve ever worked. Of course this was all translated from a Japanese interview so some context could be incorrect.

Now the next big question is when will we hear or see more of Sony’s next-gen hardware? With rumors of it being 20% weaker than the Xbox Series X console many are worried that Sony could be losing some ground in the next-gen console race.

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