Comic book collectors might recognize Titan Comics as the same company who brought the Bloodborne comic book series to life. They’re now continuing their relationship with PlayStation as Horizon Zero Dawn is set to receive an ongoing comic book series in 2020!!

Titan Comics made it official: they’ve joined forces with Guerrilla Games to expand the world of Horizon Zero Dawn with this series that will be written by Anne Toole, Writer of 2017’s HZD!

The epic adventures will begin on May 2nd, 2020 when Titan will be offering a Free Comic Book Day prequel comic written by Anne Toole with art by Ann Maulina.

An exclusive lead-in story to a brand-new Horizon Zero Dawn ongoing comic series. Discover a far-future Earth full of epic natural beauty, where awe-inspiring machines are the dominant species. Talanah, Sunhawk of the Hunters Lodge, struggles to find purpose after Aloy, her trusted friend, disappears. When a mysterious new threat emerges in the wilds, she returns to her roots as a hunter to defeat it, only to learn that a whole new breed of mechanized killers stalks the land.

With rumors of a possible PSVR Horizon Zero Dawn spinoff in the works, could we also see some next-gen HZD news next year?! What other secrets is Sony keeping from us, Brah?! The future is bright for the franchise and we can’t wait to see what’s next.